Coney Island

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By Destinee Flores

The last day on my trip I spent on Coney Island with my good friend, Laura. I’ve never seen this place, but I have definitely heard about it from movies. When I told my mother that I was going to this place, she said, “Don’t forget to eat a hot dog there!”

One of the many attractions on Coney Island is Nathan’s Famous, a specialized hot dog stand that was established in 1916. The first thing I did was to try one of these. I ordered the plain hot dog with mustard and ketchup. They also offer a variety of specialized hot dogs with other toppings with a side of tater tots. As I bit into my first bite of the hot dog, I could feel it melt in my mouth. It was that good.

After the hot dog, I then made my way down to the beach. The breeze hit my face, and it felt so fresh being out. The beach was clean, and they even had a stand on the beach that sold mango fruit with chili. I couldn’t help but think of San Antonio when I bit into it.

The Freak Show was the best thing about Coney Island. They had all sorts of attractions where a woman danced with fire on a wand and also knife throwing. It was definitely a show to see with comical jokes for the whole family.

As I left Coney Island, I began to wonder if I would ever visit this place again.

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