Times Square

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By Phillip Bowie

The flashing lights of buildings comprised mostly of glowing video screens is a symbolic part of Times Square.

Times Square is a major part of New York City’s Midtown Manhattan. It spans from West 42nd to West 47th. Times Square, according to Google, can be identified as one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections in New York, and perhaps the world.

It’s very easy to find yourself in awe of the giant posters of actors, singers, models and every other form of entertainment. It really manages to catch your eye. It’s impossible to miss. When you first make your way to Times Square, you will be amazed to see the number of New Yorkers and visitors walking around, going about their day, and minding their own business.

They seem not to notice all of the activity that is going on around them. Either that, or they are just so used to it that it doesn’t faze them as it would your average tourist. Some of the posters and giant television screens advertise Broadway plays, such as “Wicked,” “Jersey Boys,” “Million Dollar Quartet,” “Sister Act,” “The Lion King,” and many more.

Times Square also advertises the latest blockbuster movies that are either already in theaters or close to their release date. I have the feeling that whatever it is that’s being advertised in Times Square, then it is something that should be seen. Midtown Manhattan not only contains Times Square, but it also has three other prominent and historical places in New York City.

The first is Broadway, where you can see any running Broadway play of your choice. The second is Rockefeller Center, where The Today Show is filmed and is the site of my favorite store in New York, Nintendo World.

Out of all the different languages that were spoken in Times Square, the two that stood out the most were Italian and Chinese. I’m not fluent in either language, but hearing them spoken it in such close proximity to each other was amazing.

My friend Christopher and I were really excited when we finally had the chance to see Times Square at night. We spent hours walking the streets and gawking at all the bright T.V. screens. I remember us talking about how we could get used to the traffic and the fast pace of New York.

In the morning, Times Square’s layout resembles other metropolitan areas. A lot is still going on, with patrons selling ‘I love New York’ T-shirts and hats, not to mention the famous New York hot dogs you may have seen on television.

Those are two things that you must do when visiting New York for the first time. You’ve got to buy a ‘I love New York’ T-shirt, and you have to get a hot dog from a New York hot dog stand.

At night, Times Square feels and looks like an entirely different world, almost futuristic. It sort of resembles the Las Vegas strip, but on a much larger scale. From the moment you walk out of the subway from the Times Square subway station, your eyes will light up, and you will see things that you thought you would have never been able to see in your lifetime.

All five senses are used during this experience, from you seeing the New Year’s Eve Ball on top of the One Times Square building with the year 2012 lit up beneath it to smelling and tasting the different aromas of food that are being cooked in the surrounding restaurants. You will also hear all the horns from taxi cab drivers, people yelling and talking loudly, or trying to sell you tickets to some local comedy club.

Although I don’t recommend it without you washing your hands afterwards, you can touch the buildings, the posters, and the sidewalks, but probably not the people. Do this so you can believe that you’re actually in a place that you’ve only seen on T.V.

Times Square has a huge variety of clothing stores. One that seems to be pretty big in New York is H&M and Forever 21. H&M and Forever 21 are located closer to Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue. They also have a Forever 21 in Times Square, and it has a gigantic T.V. screen that shows people walking through the intersection.

If you stand there long enough, the camera will make a caption above you, saying different things about the store, but the caption, as a joke, is made to seem like you are saying those things. Times Square is an something all Americans should experience.

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