Peace in Chaos

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By Laura de Leon

While horns honk and people yell in the streets of New York, how are you supposed to relax? One way to disconnect your mind from the fast-paced ways of the city is to practice yoga. Not only can you make peace with the noise and calm your mind, but yoga also allows you to feel refreshed and ready for a new day.

People move to New York to try and find an opportunity in the career that they love, but it is not always an easy task. You must move fast or you will be left behind.  Elbows bumping into your side and fowl odors rising as you stand on the subway platform are everyday occurrences.

It is hard to ignore the busy streets that create the vibe of the environment. With all of the transportation opportunities—cars, subways, buses, bikes and boats—the city is in 24-hour chaos mode. People running and yelling at cabs to make them stop is just an everyday sound as you listen to the rhythms of the day.

Over time, the city smells and sounds become background noise to everyday life. It is important to take one step back and become aware of your environment, body and mind to create a smooth ride.

One deep breath at a time in a yoga class will allow you to find a way back to a place of peace. Even with the background chaos still present, a good meditation and mindful presence in yoga can allow you to space out and focus on yourself.

Yoga is not just a calming practice, but it also allows your body to relax, stretch and get a good all-around workout. Since most of your time in the city is spent walking, it is necessary to stretch and work out the muscles you usually wouldn’t take the time to care for.

Not only is yoga a good escape for locals, it is also good for New York travelers. Most people who live out of the city do not usually walk and move as fast as the ones who do. This movement puts a shock throughout your body, and if you did not prepare for this, your body could be in serious pain. Allowing the class to take over your breathing technique and find yourself out-thinking the pain can make you feel better and able to finish the trip.

Yoga classes are available in every nook and cranny of the city. Bryant Park has a free yoga class in the park multiple days of the week. Life in Motion offers a discount class for first-time guest who would rather practice yoga inside. Check out their website for times and locations.

When you find yourself circling the city or cannot calm down from the chaos of the everyday, take time to find a yoga class to pull yourself together. It can make your life slow down in your non-stop hectic days in the city.

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