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By Destiny Castañeda

The Newseum has captured all of the importance of 9/11, and it has made it so people can remember and look back on what America has gone through. As I walked through the exhibit, I got an indescribable feeling that took me back to the day when this tragedy happened. I was in my fourth grade class and all of a sudden my teacher turned off the lights, rolled in a TV, and put it on the news channel. With no explanation, my young peers and I couldn’t understand what we were watching. Everything was happening so fast. I saw the policemen and firefighters covered in white, civilians running and crying. Then all of a sudden we saw the second plane hit. It was so unreal.

Going through this exhibit at the Newseum felt like I was reliving that day. So much information to take in all over again. It was a bit overwhelming. On one part of the exhibit, stories of the terrorist who took part in this horrific attack were plastered on the walls. Reading those stories, seeing pictures and some of those terrorists’ belongings made me very upset. It’s so sad to think that someone would actually do something like that.

The exhibit also had every front-page newspaper from all over the world that wrote about the attack. All the papers looked one in the same, using a bold, over-sized font that screamed terror. The stories were written with anger and sorrow. Hanging from the ceiling was the rusted, bent and shredded top point of one of the Trade Center buildings. I could imagine it in smoke and flames. Seeing an actual piece of the tower brought me to tears. Lastly, a short video had many interviews from reporters and cameramen who were there when the attack happened. The sorrow in each and every one of their voices made me choke up. They explained how at that moment their job came first and the news stories and footage was most important. As they got closer to the attack, they saw less and less people were around. That’s when they realized that their lives were in danger. The details in their stories gave me goose bumps.

This exhibit had a huge impact on me. It made me appreciate not only my life but also my country. Even though 9/11 was such a horrific tragedy, it has made our country stronger and more united.

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