Jersey Boys

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By Priscilla Lopez

My experience on this trip has been fabulous. It not only gave me an opportunity to see amazing things but also to meet wonderful people. I can honestly say it was life changing.

As I reflect on the trip and think about what was my favorite part of the entire trip, I would definitely have to say that it would be the Broadway Show “Jersey Boys.”  I completely loved it, and I would see it over and over again. The story is about the Jersey Boys. It tells how the group came about and what happened along the way. Not only is the story funny, but the singing and music is absolutely amazing.

When I heard the first actor sing, I almost thought they were lip syncing from the original tracks. When I finally realized that it was actually them performing, I was in complete shock about how talented the actors were. They sang the most amazing songs that took you back to that time period. The main characters were absolutely hilarious. Since the story starts off in Jersey, the witty jokes about the people there and their lifestyles were awesome.  We were lucky enough to get third row tickets for $20, so we literally had the show right above us. The show made us dance and sing one minute, and cry and laugh the next.

The main character is Frankie Valli, so the story is mainly about how he joins the group and what happens in his life along the way. In the story, he gets inducted into the group then it shows how he meets different people, and how he gets married and then divorced. It also covers what happens with his kids. The narrator switches throughout the story from one bandmate to another. They each had their own personalities, which made the show very unique.

What I liked the most was, of course, the music and singing, but each song they sang told the story line behind it. Whenever they sang a song, it made perfect sense. I found myself singing along and wanting to get up and dance. It almost became a little live concert at the show. At one point, I paused and looked back into the crowd and everyone was totally consumed with the performance. My favorite song of all was “My Eyes Adore You.” Frankie sang it when he and his wife were getting divorced. The two actors sang it beautifully, and I am still listening to that song in my head even now.

This amazing show had such a great impression on me that it was definitely my most favorite part of the trip. It was the best Broadway show I’ve seen so far, and I can’t wait to see it again. I definitely recommend this show to anyone who wants to see a fun and upbeat performance. This show played a big part in what made my experience so amazing.

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