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By Rossi Ramirez

Everyone has his or her own sense of style. Style is a mode of expression, and people dress according to how they feel. During my time in DC and NYC, I learned that diversity has a major impact in both cities, and that diversity leads to different senses of style.

On the metro in NYC, I noticed a few people with H&M bags. I would look at what they were wearing, and I would think to myself, “Wow, that must be an expensive place to shop since what they’re wearing seems to be expensive clothing.” I had heard of the store before, but in Texas we only have six stores. Five are in Dallas, a 5-hour drive from San Antonio, and one is in Houston, a 3-hour drive.

Not everybody can afford expensive designer clothing that you usually see people wearing on the red carpet or in movies. What if you could afford that same sort of style at a much better cost?

H&M is a well-known retail clothing company that offers just that! The first H&M was established in Västerås, Sweden, in 1947. Since then, it has expanded rapidly all over the United States.  DC and NYC both have store locations in their downtown areas.

H&M offers cute, fun, high fashion style you’re looking for at a great price!  Trust me, I would know! As I visited both cities, I came to realize anybody can afford a cute outfit without spending hundreds of dollars! I bought a pair of bright yellow and dark blue sandals, fun flirty opened toed light pink flats, two on-the-go comfortable band t-shirts, and a business attire blue blazer all for less than $100. What a deal! Everything I bought is what a person would usually spend a significant amount of money on at a top-notch designer store.

Walking into H&M, I saw that everyone had his or her own sense of style. Not one person dressed alike, which made it even better! They had so many different types of clothing that I couldn’t just pick out one! The good thing was that they had different floors with various sections, so it was easier to find what you were looking for. I have two sisters, both close to my age, but they have completely different views of style!

The beauty of H&M is that they have a style for everyone. I’m more into a classy, conservative look. My sister, Amanda, is more of a jean, t-shirt, neutral colors type of girl. My younger sister, Samantha, is into bright, fun, flirty colors. I bought Amanda a Rolling Stones band t-shirt at the price of $13.50, and I bought Samantha a bright blue sundress for the amazing price of $12.50.  They absolutely loved their gifts!

H&M unfortunately doesn’t offer online shopping, but you can still visit their website and view all of their latest fashions. Another plus about H&M is that they not only offer clothing for women, but for men and kids, as well. Their website also gives great perks for fashion lovers, like a style insight of the latest fashion trends, fashion tip of the day, and news of new store locations opening all around the United States.

H&M is a store that I hope opens in San Antonio, Texas, in the near future. You could never go wrong with the latest fashion trends at an affordable price!

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